Sonartari Furniture is one of the most popular names in the wooden furniture industry of Siliguri which has been providing its clients with uniquely designed and high-quality furniture since 2016.

We have a broad category of wooden furniture such as beds, sofas, tables, showcases, wardrobes and many more. We also make custom wooden items such as doors, mirror frames, and working desks. Each of our products has been made from some of the best types of Teak wood. From premium and luxurious beds to sophisticated and affordable sofa sets our products have been elegantly designed to elevate your living space with highly-quality wooden furniture that will last for a lifetime.

What do we produce

What Do We Produce?

Sonartari Furniture is one of the most preferred home furnishings that offer a line-up of wooden furniture built with quality and precision of the highest order. Whether you are in search of a traditional centre table or something modern to blend with the aesthetic of your living space we have got you all covered.

What Makes us Special

What Makes Us Special?

We have been in the industry for a very long time and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience which can be seen in our products. We understand the needs of our clients therefore all of our products are made from top-grade wood ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

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